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Take control of your company's future with simple, automated cash flow forecasting. No spreadsheets required!

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Really simple and looks great! This has saved so much time and stress, and as a startup this makes all the difference! Projections look great, easy to interpret and update daily! Love it.

Dion Oxley, Quizling

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Automate your cash flow forecast


Always up-to-date with Xero

Cut down on data entry

Drill down into the detail

Easily share Float with advisors

Beautiful reports

That's £140.40 instead of £468 per year on our annual plan!

We'll be in touch before the end of your trial if you'd like to take us up on this offer.

We'll be in touch before the end of your trial if you'd like to take us up on this offer.

The struggle for fast growing small businesses like ours against well established competitors is the threat of cash flow. Float is simply our passport to what the future holds for our business and helps us prepare for it. 

Jonnie Davis, Monachor, Ltd.

Recently Float helped us identify a future cash flow shortage, with this information we were able to make the necessary changes and plans to avoid a tricky situation with our creditors.

Jared Tasker, Need A Part

Float is fantastic, it fills the gap in Xero's cashflow and budgeting features, and makes it very easy to keep an eye on the most important thing to any business: cashflow today, tomorrow, and down the line. We couldn't run our business as effectively without it.

Matt Haworth, Reason Digital

How does it work with Xero?

Setup is super easy. A one-way sync with Xero automatically generates a 2-year cash flow forecast based on your last 3 months of historic actuals.


We read the expected payment dates on your bills and invoices as they come in, and use those due dates to project when cash will move in and out of your business.


We import your Xero data every 24 hours to automatically update payments that are due and paid (you can also run a manual import whenever you want).


Our integration is seamless. We won Emerging Add On of the Year at XeroCon Sydney 2014, we have nearly 100 reviews in the Xero Add On Marketplace, and our customer support is pretty darn good!


Why automate your cash flow forecast?

Always up to date

Spreadsheets go out of date almost as soon as you have updated them. Float updates from your accounting software daily.

Save time

Use Float's automation to spend your time understanding the numbers rather than entering data for hours each week.

Trust in the numbers

Spreadsheets often come with errors. Float syncs directly with your accounting software so you can trust the data is correct.