You'll learn: 

- Why it's important to get paid on time 

- How to collect your cash faster

- Why customers pay late

- About add-ons that can help you get paid on time

How To Get Paid On Time 

Getting paid on time is a huge issue for many businesses. Download our free guide to find out how you can get your credit control and finally get paid on time. 

What is Float?

Float is an award-winning cash flow forecasting add-on for Xero, QuickBooks Online, and FreeAgent. Designed to help you keep on top of your cash flow management, it creates powerful and accurate forecasts for you and your business. 

Best of all, because Float pulls real-time data from your accounting software, we automatically update your actuals to give you a live, rolling forecast that never goes out of date.

“Float maps out everything so it's like ‘holy sh*t! You’re trying to do something and here’s the plan!' It's incredible!”

Andrew Van De Beek, illumin8

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Float will help you to:


Cut down on data entry

See your cash future

Create 'what if' scenarios

Manage short term cash

Get paid on time!

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