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“For the first time our clients can 100% confidently say that they understand their cash flow, thanks to Float.” 

Emma Fox, Fresh Financials

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Float will help you to:


Cut down on data entry

Show clients their cash future

Create 'what if' scenarios

Manage short term cash

Make cash flow profitable

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How to keep your Float account and your discounted price

All you need to do is enter your payment details into your Float billing page by the 30th of August. 

You'll keep your discounted price and all your Float data.

Steps to keep your Float account






Log into Float at https://my.floatapp.com 

Click on the link to view billing details where it says "Plan"

Enter your payment details 

There will be no data loss or disruption to your service.

Just email us at support@floatapp.com and we'll help you switch 

Enter billing details to keep your account